Two weeks have gone incredibly fast. This has been two very eventful weeks for Carlings.
We have rounded up like crazy and the results are just in.

We have rounded up for:

180.000,- NOK 

This is very very good!! We are incredibly proud to have all the Carlings stores help spread the word & for their help supporting for the Red Cross in Colombia.




We here at Carlings For Colombia hope you all will have a fantastic weekend!!

Should you drop by a Carlings store, we hope you wanna check out our newly arrived Colombia merch and donate for our incredible cause. The Round Up campaign only lasts this weekend. Monday (Halloween October 31st) it is all over for now, so if you wanna support now is the time.

If you wonder where your nearest Carlings store is, go here CARLINGS


Stay safe, be cool & enjoy your weekend!!

Paz y amor!

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This is the second trailer from the documentary made when Carlings visited Cruz Roja (Colombian Red Cross) in Bogota and in Cali. The meeting with the young people living in Potrero Grande, Cali was incredible.

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Carlings is Colombia Crazy


The picture above is a current screenshot from the front page of This shows the level of support we are getting from Carlings all the way. We hope you get a chance to visit a Carlings store to help support the work that Red Cross are doing in Colombia by:

a) giving a donation to this cause (round up)

b) purchasing a Colombia Tee

c) both (purchase merch + round up)

Carlings has 223 stores in four countries; Norway, Sweden, Finland & Austria.
Go here: Carlings stores to find a store near you.

The round up campaign will only last until October 30th – The merch will last as long as we have items left for sale. All the tee’s are limited edition, so get one while they are still in stock.

Thank you, Carlings

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Alive & Kickin’

We are half way through our round up campaign and the numbers are looking very good! So if you are planning a trip to Carlings you have less than a week to round up for Colombia. However, there are now more “Colombian” reasons to visit Carlings; Merch!

All Carlings stores have now all three Tee options for sale. If you want to wear your support for Colombia, please check out the merch in one of our stores.

You can view the collection hereMerch

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Merch hitting the stores


yes Yes Watermelon tee

Some of the Carlings stores will have Colombia merch in stock today and more will have them coming in next week. We hope you want to check them out in one of our stores. You can see the selection of Tee’s here:

#libertad #nogunsallowed #paz #violenceisnoise #silencetheviolence #carlingsforcolombia