Sweet start for Round Up

The round up campaign in all Carlings stores has kicked off with a bang. It is going very well in all markets, but one country has really shown its true colors in support for our incredible Carlings For Colombia project: SWEDEN!!


Yesterday a man walked in to a Carlings store in Gothenburg, Sweden asking about our project & this campaign. He said he really liked this project and that he wished to just donate money to the cause, without purchasing any item in the store. The staff told him that of course he could do that and helped the man with his donation. Since the guy seemed very eager about Carlings For Colombia, they assumed he was going to give maybe a couple of hundred Swedish Kronor. Well, this guy did not give a couple of hundred Kronor, he donated the total sum of 2.500,- SEK!! That is the equivalent of 290,- USD or 260,- EURO. What a donation!! That is very generous & we are truly grateful and very proud to hand this money over to Red Cross in Colombia to support the amazing work that they are doing there. Thank you, Mr. Swedish Man!! We are now even more motivated to roll up our sleeves & help Carlings For Colombia become huge!!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!!

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