Carlings For Colombia is an initiative from Carlings to help young people in troubled areas. This project is meant to help and inspire young people in Colombia and to create awareness about the everyday struggles young Colombians live with.


Carlings chose to work with Red Cross in Colombia because they are doing an amazing job with their Urban Violence Projects all over the country.

The crime rate in cities like Cali are massive. Young people are murdered everyday.
We want to tell the world about what The Red Cross are doing to help.

The Red Cross are:

  • helping young Colombians out of gangs
  • preventing young people from joining gangs
  • inspiring young people to alternative lifestyles other than the gang lifestyle
  • teaching young people leadership skills, social skills and peaceful street negotiating (mitigating)

These are extremely important tools to help solve peace in urban Colombian areas

In February 2016 a small group from Carlings travelled to Colombia to meet the Colombian Red Cross (Cruz Roja) and to meet young people in a very troubled area called Potrero Grande. This trip is documented in the film Carlings For Colombia.

Carlings has a goal to raise 1 million Norwegian Kroner to help Red Cross in Colombia with their Urban Violence Projects.

Carlings had in store campaigns in 2016 to raise money for this cause. We managed to raise 1.150.000,- NOK in 2016 and we will continue to raise money and awareness in 2017.
All campaigns will be promoted on this blog.

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