Cool Colombian Cumbia


Happy Friday!!

While waiting one more week for our round up for Colombia, we present to you the coolest playlist we have heard in a long time: Vintage Cumbia y Psicodelia.

We hope you enjoy this playlist as much as you do & we wish you a fantastic weekend


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Rounding up for Colombia


The wait is over, the great news is here:

Carlings will do another two week Round Up Campaign for Colombia starting
May 22nd in all Carlings stores world wide.

If you happen to be visiting a Carlings store in Norway, Sweden, Finland or Austria you can help support our project.




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COLOMBIA – The Warmth Of A Smile

We found this very interesting documentary about the country of Colombia on youtube.
This was not made by anyone here & it does not highlight only the conflicts of Colombia. However this documentary is a very nice way to get to know the entire country of Colombia. A brief encounter with a large & multi cultural region of South America.

Hope you enjoy film and that you take this opportunity to get to know a very fascinating country





                                                                                                                                       Photo: Luis Acosta/AFP

Six weeks after the original deal was voted against, the Colombian government and the FARC rebel group have announced a new peace agreement.

“We have reached a new final agreement to end the armed conflict, which incorporates changes, clarifications and some new contributions from various social groups,” the two sides said in a statement.

It was read by diplomats from Cuba and Norway, the mediating countries, in the Cuban capital, Havana.

The statement did not give details of the revised agreement but Colombia’s lead negotiator, Humberto de la Calle, said it “resolves many criticisms” of the previous deal.

One new requirement was for the Farc to draw up a complete list of its assets, to be used for victim compensation, he added. Further details are expected to be released over the weekend.

This story was published at on November 13th 2016

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Hey everybody!!

It’s Friday once again and we have some really good numbers for you.
As of right now Carlings has sold 412 t-shirts for Colombia. This means 82.400,- NOK that goes to the Red Cross in Colombia. We are very proud of all the Carlings staff working for our incredible cause.

Stay tunes for more great news next week!
Until then let us enjoy some cool Colombian music.

Here is the official Carlings For Colombia playlist:


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Video from Cali

Carlings received a video from the young people in Potrero Grande, Colombia.
In this video they are watching themselves on the big screen. It looks like they are clearly enjoying it. At the end of the Carlings For Colombia video we filmed 250 Carlings employees sending the Colombians a message. In this video you see their answer. There is a clear connection between the young folks in Colombia & the Carlings staff from Norway, Sweden, Finland & Austria.

This is a very proud moment in the communication between us.

We hope you will enjoy this as much as we do.

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Sweet start for Round Up

The round up campaign in all Carlings stores has kicked off with a bang. It is going very well in all markets, but one country has really shown its true colors in support for our incredible Carlings For Colombia project: SWEDEN!!


Yesterday a man walked in to a Carlings store in Gothenburg, Sweden asking about our project & this campaign. He said he really liked this project and that he wished to just donate money to the cause, without purchasing any item in the store. The staff told him that of course he could do that and helped the man with his donation. Since the guy seemed very eager about Carlings For Colombia, they assumed he was going to give maybe a couple of hundred Swedish Kronor. Well, this guy did not give a couple of hundred Kronor, he donated the total sum of 2.500,- SEK!! That is the equivalent of 290,- USD or 260,- EURO. What a donation!! That is very generous & we are truly grateful and very proud to hand this money over to Red Cross in Colombia to support the amazing work that they are doing there. Thank you, Mr. Swedish Man!! We are now even more motivated to roll up our sleeves & help Carlings For Colombia become huge!!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!!

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