COLOMBIA – The Warmth Of A Smile

We found this very interesting documentary about the country of Colombia on youtube.
This was not made by anyone here & it does not highlight only the conflicts of Colombia. However this documentary is a very nice way to get to know the entire country of Colombia. A brief encounter with a large & multi cultural region of South America.

Hope you enjoy film and that you take this opportunity to get to know a very fascinating country



Report from Colombia

All though some things are much better in Colombia, there still are major
challenges ahead. Red Cross Country Manager Joanna Radziukiewicz
really knows whats going on in Colombia and gives us a current update.
Joanna she has been a very important key person and a great partner
for Carlings For Colombia.

New video from Colombia

We are very proud to show you the latest video from Potrero Grande.
The 21 Crew is a dance group that work for peace in their neighbourhood.
It is a local initiativ from Ramiro, a young man who wants the crime & drug related violence in his home town to stop.
This video shows the positive results from the work of the Red Cross in Colombia.


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New videos coming soon


The Red Cross in Colombia have been very busy helping young Colombians deal with everyday struggles in the neighbourhood Potrero Grande. This is gang territory, the most dangerous area in the Cali region. In the midst of this, the fantastic young people there have had enough of the violence so they have created very cool anti violent projects in their neighbourhood. You will soon learn more about these incredible projects here,

so stay tuned!! : )

Video from Cali

Carlings received a video from the young people in Potrero Grande, Colombia.
In this video they are watching themselves on the big screen. It looks like they are clearly enjoying it. At the end of the Carlings For Colombia video we filmed 250 Carlings employees sending the Colombians a message. In this video you see their answer. There is a clear connection between the young folks in Colombia & the Carlings staff from Norway, Sweden, Finland & Austria.

This is a very proud moment in the communication between us.

We hope you will enjoy this as much as we do.

#silencetheviolence #paz #libertad #carlingsforcolombia


This is the second trailer from the documentary made when Carlings visited Cruz Roja (Colombian Red Cross) in Bogota and in Cali. The meeting with the young people living in Potrero Grande, Cali was incredible.

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