Here is the official Carlings For Colombia merch that will be sold exclusively in all Carlings stores world wide


Fun socks in black or white. The Colombian colors on top and silly sloagans on the leg.
They cost 79,- NOK/SEK  – 7,90 €, where 69,- NOK/SEK  – 6,90 € goes to help the Red Cross in Colombia.



If you want to add colour & statements to you denim jacket, vest, bomber, jeans, shorts, backpack, tote bag or wherever you feel like it, then these patches are perfect for you.
The package contains 4 patches and they sell for 99 NOK/SEK – 9.90 €
and 75 NOK/SEK – 7,5 € of every pack of patches goes to Red Cross in Colombia.



In Norway & Sweden the tee’s cost 299,- NOK/SEK
In Finland & Austria they cost 29,90 €

For every single tee sold; 200,- (NOK/SEK) or 20,- € will go to Red Cross to support their Urban Violence Projects in Colombia. If you want to learn more about this project go to our about section.

The word LIBERTAD is Spanish and means FREEDOM. Since Colombia is a Spanish speaking country, this is a good word to wear on a t-shirt to show your support for the freedom of young Colombians. 


Libertad logo tee


Libertad Bush tee


yes YES Watermelon tee

All the t-shirts pictured here as well as the three unique flags behind are all designed by BROSLO, a VERY cool art-duo from Norway. If you wanna learn more about BROSLO go here: BROSLO