Cool Colombians

The latest fashion craze from the streets of Cali just happens to be the Carlings For Colombia merch. If you do not believe us than take a look at the pics below.

For a full selection of our CFC merchandise go to our merch page.


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New video from Colombia

We are very proud to show you the latest video from Potrero Grande.
The 21 Crew is a dance group that work for peace in their neighbourhood.
It is a local initiativ from Ramiro, a young man who wants the crime & drug related violence in his home town to stop.
This video shows the positive results from the work of the Red Cross in Colombia.


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New videos coming soon


The Red Cross in Colombia have been very busy helping young Colombians deal with everyday struggles in the neighbourhood Potrero Grande. This is gang territory, the most dangerous area in the Cali region. In the midst of this, the fantastic young people there have had enough of the violence so they have created very cool anti violent projects in their neighbourhood. You will soon learn more about these incredible projects here,

so stay tuned!! : )

Status update


Hi everyone!

It has been a little quiet over here since the start of 2017. The reason is simply that it has been business as usual & that there has been no major news from us to report on.

There are however now some good news. We will do another year of supporting the fantastic work the The Red Cross in Colombia are doing with their Urban Violence Projects. What this will bring exactly, time will show, but most probably we will have round up campaigns, merchandise, in-store activities & we will give you more updates on the situation in Colombia. We do have some meetings planned & we are working towards new goals for this year. We will have more to report on this matter soon.

Until then feel free to check out our Carlings For Colombia project & if you believe in this, feel free to spread the word by sharing this blog.

We really want to hear from you, so if you want to send us a message, go here: contact

Stay tuned, we’ll be back soon!

#silencetheviolence #libertad #nogunsallowed #paz #carlingsforcolombia

Still going strong


We are still selling Carlings For Colombia merch in all Carlings stores world wide. When all these items are sold out we will present a whole new collection for 2017 to support The Red Cross in Colombia (but more about that later)

So if you wanna get your hands on some limited edition Colombia merch, now is the time.

To see the entire collection online go here: MERCH

To purchase you must visit one of 223 Carlings stores: NO/SE/FIN/AUT

Have a GREAT week!!

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2016 was an amazing year for Carlings For Colombia. We started selling Carlings For Colombia merchandise in October and we had two round up campaigns that in total lasted only three weeks. STILL, we managed to gather 1 150 000 NOK!!!

We are so incredibly proud of all Carlings staff for making these numbers. Our goal was
one Million and we passed it by 150.000 NOK!!!

CARLINGS, thanks to you this is a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 

The good news doesn’t stop here, however.

Carlings has already donated 300.000 NOK for 2017

This is very promising for 2017, a year that we will make even better for Colombia & The Red Cross’ Urban Violence Projects there.

Have a GREAT week & we’ll keep you posted!


#paz #libertad #nogunsallowed #silencetheviolence #carlingsforcolombia