Rounding up for Colombia


The wait is over, the great news is here:

Carlings will do another two week Round Up Campaign for Colombia starting
May 22nd in all Carlings stores world wide.

If you happen to be visiting a Carlings store in Norway, Sweden, Finland or Austria you can help support our project.




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Report from Colombia

All though some things are much better in Colombia, there still are major
challenges ahead. Red Cross Country Manager Joanna Radziukiewicz
really knows whats going on in Colombia and gives us a current update.
Joanna she has been a very important key person and a great partner
for Carlings For Colombia.

Cool Colombians

The latest fashion craze from the streets of Cali just happens to be the Carlings For Colombia merch. If you do not believe us than take a look at the pics below.

For a full selection of our CFC merchandise go to our merch page.


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New videos coming soon


The Red Cross in Colombia have been very busy helping young Colombians deal with everyday struggles in the neighbourhood Potrero Grande. This is gang territory, the most dangerous area in the Cali region. In the midst of this, the fantastic young people there have had enough of the violence so they have created very cool anti violent projects in their neighbourhood. You will soon learn more about these incredible projects here,

so stay tuned!! : )

Latest update from Colombia

Here is an update on the numbers of human beings the Colombian Red Cross have reached so far in 2016 within this Urban Violence Program. In the cities of Cali and Medellin at least 3.755 people have participated in project activities aiming to mitigate the humanitarian consequences of violence.
This also includes helping youth to have meaningful activities in their free time within areas generally affected by violence.

This is very good news, it shows that the work Red Cross are doing is slowly but surely showing results. In quoting Alice Cooper: “We Still Got a Long Way to Go
– at least this is going in the right direction


Young man showing love for his neighborhood Potrero Grande. Cali, Colombia 2016                                                                                                                                                     Photo: Peter Diaz


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Carlings has decided to have a Carlings For Colombia campaign i all stores world wide. We will have some amazing merch for sale as well as a round-up campaign to help support The Red Cross’ work in Colombia. This campaign starts October 17th 2016. Please feel free to drop by a Carlings store in that period to check out
Carlings For Colombia.
This is incredibly exciting, our goal is to gather as much money as possible while bringing awareness to a very important project.

Stay tuned & thank you for your support!!


#violenceisnoise #silencetheviolence #libertad #paz #nogunsallowed